Friday, March 25, 2011

Heebie Jeebies...

Why are some creatures on this earth so disgusting? Check out this guy, for instance. Gives me the chills. As I was getting ready this morning to go out, I heard Lily licking her chops while she was laying by our bedroom door. I found this odd since it was way past breakfast. So I turn around and see that she spit out something black & plasticky looking. I picked it up & set it in my palm while I looked around at whatever was now missing a piece. After searching around Lily's kennel for a minute, I put the black thing on our table. I decided it didn't look so plasticky looking after all. I poked it with a pencil. Definitely a SPIDER! EWWW! Goosebumps & chills were immediately activated. I hate them! I can squish them with my shoe but cleaning them up is not my calling in life. Sick!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Whoa! It's Been A While!

Yes, we're still alive. Here are some updates from our little corner of the world. Enjoy!

1. Work is busy. My boss asked me the dreaded "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" question last week. I never know how to respond to that one. You can't lay out all your plans since they might not involve work at all. So you sidestep it as best you can. Luckily, she just wanted to give me a chance at doing a new project. She said I was the first one she thought of. Pretty good, right? I'm grateful for an awesome boss who values her employees.

2. March Madness is killing me this year! Yes, I still have time for a comeback, but the Big East teams were a major disappointment. I shouldn't have listened to the "experts" this year. They don't know SQUAT! Plus all these po-dunk teams are coming out of nowhere.

3. I'm wondering what the weather is doing these days. Snow, rain, sunshine, repeat. I guess that's about the norm for us in Utah. I'm just ready for sunshine, STOP.

4. I dropped off some chicken enchiladas to Lacey & Travis. Max is a cutie & Adyson is so funny. Kids have the darndest expressions, verbal & facial. Kills me!

5. Twenty-nine already? Yes, that's right. St. Paddy's came again this year. My co-workers decorated the office & shared some chocolate chip brownies. Yum! They got me a cute picture frame for Lily. Brian and I enjoyed burgers at Red Robin on Thursday night (I got a free one; can't beat that!). We also went out to Texas Roadhouse on Saturday night with our parents. Delicious ribs for me & 16 oz. steak for Brian. Yum! Good birthday with people I love.

6. Bridal shower/old friend get-together: Friends from my old ward threw a shower this weekend. Luckily, I got to see Chelsea, Susan, Breezy, Lisa, Dawn, and some other old friends from my Young Women's days. It was fun to see all these ladies who helped me grow up & make good choices in life. It's amazing how people can touch your life, & you can still be comfortable with them after all these years.

7. Lily story: We got home from church yesterday and fed Lily. A few minutes passed, and she started growling & her scaredy ridge popped out on her back. I kept asking her what she was looking at that was so scary, and obviously she didn't answer me beyond growling more. She kept backing up from our sliding glass door with her tail between her legs. Finally, I caught on & saw a plastic bag floating around in the wind outside on our porch. Lily has seen these bags before; I bring them home every week, & she rummages through to find her toy that day. I have no idea why she was so freaked. Maybe because it appeared out of the sky or something. I brought it in to take it to the garbage & the growling continued. Crazy dog!