Friday, February 11, 2011

A Fond Farewell...

For all you sports fans & Utah Jazz enthusiasts, yesterday's news of Jerry Sloan's retirement was quite a shock. After hearing all the reports & watching the press conference, I felt at a loss for words. No way could this guy quit mid-season. The Jazz were in a slump but would surely grind it out to get to the playoffs & make some sort of run.
That's what Coach Sloan was known for. Regardless of the lack of star talent, he had a plan for any basketball team he was given. He was best known for coaching 2 Hall of Famers, John Stockton & Karl Malone, and making it to the Finals twice. If it weren't for losing to Michael Jordan, Sloan would surely have 2 championship rings.
Jerry Sloan was the longest-tenured coach in all of the 4 major sports. The Utah Jazz will have some rough road ahead. Amidst the drama & speculation, Coach Sloan left on his own terms with loyalty & determination as his calling cards. He will be sorely missed.