Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunburn Sally (the tune "Mustang Sally" was in my head this morning)...

Remind me to never go out at high noon without sunblock again!

At least, I have my trusty aloe vera gel today. And I work in a dungeon so I don't have to go out and see people if I don't want to.
Brian and I had a fun Saturday. We went to the Utah football game. (But we were not smart about sunblock. I should know better...I am Snow White after all!) The Utes whomped Colorado State 49-16. They are now 8-0. Yay! In the BCS standings, they are #11. It would be nice if they made it to a BCS bowl game again, but I'm not getting my hopes up yet. They play at New Mexico on November 1. Then their big test is at home against TCU on November 6. Eek!

We went to the Pie in West Jordan with Sara and Jon that night. It is always yummy! I love the chicken alfredo pizza and cheese sticks. We then headed over to the Crazy Corn Maze. We did a little too well at getting out. You are supposed to find all the numbered posts and answer T/F questions. We did #1 and #2, but we ended up at #7 somehow. So we were going backwards a lot. Eventually, we found them all. We're just too good at this maze thing! Later, we watched "Iron Man" and played with all the dogs at the Wyatt's house. We love dogs!

On Sunday, we had FHE at Paul and Marja's house. Yummy food and fun family is a good combination. I tried out a new dessert, caramel apple bars. I think they turned out pretty well. Unfortunately for Brian, I was up at 7:30 am chopping up apples in the processor. Sorry, babe!

I guess I better get to work. I think it's also time for another slather of aloe vera! My face is on fire!