Saturday, July 28, 2012

Neil Diamond Day in Utah

What an awesome concert! Neil Diamond is still rockin' it at 71-years-old. He did a lot of hits (which also sound great on his 2-disc "The Essential Neil Diamond" album). There were young & old alike rocking out to "I'm a Believer," "Sweet Caroline," & "Coming to America." In fact, he did 4 choruses of "Sweet Caroline." So...if you get a chance to see Neil someday, do it! The great-grandpa in front of us will attest to the pure joy of this classic music. He had a smile on his face all night. Amazing show!

Monday, July 23, 2012

We're Back! (Dillon's post)

Hello, blog friends! We've been on a little hiatus from the blog world due to crazy schedules & enjoying our little guy.
Hangin' in my robe
Dillon eats like a champ. The sweet potatoes weren't the fave, but he has adapted. I never got my camera fast enough for the disgusted faces he gives. Cracks me up!
Ready to eat, Mom!
Happy Mother's Day!
I recently discovered that Dillon's legs are touching the seat already. I read the sizes on our car seat. It holds up to 30 pounds & 30 inches. I think he's almost there for height. We might be going car seat shopping...dang!
Growing Boy
I'm Rolling Now!
Nap time is now a circus...literally! This baby rolls & wiggles like nobody's business! He starts at one end & ends up at the other in quick succession. I've since had to take down the bumper cover. I often find his head hitting the bars or a little arm poking out. And he does this all while sleeping...sort of.
Hi, Mom!
I'm So Happy To See You!
 The kids and I also take our daily walk at the park. Dillon is happy just taking in all the sights. Trees are his favorite! And Lily is just glad to be outside in the breeze.
Pretty Blue Eyes
These last two photos are the most recent. Dillon is a good sport when I pull out the camera. We have so much fun with him! He's a great baby!

Sweet Boy

I Love Mickey Mouse!