Friday, November 20, 2009

What happened?

Let's have a contest to guess what this is, shall we?

I experimented today with a banana bread recipe. It said to cook the bread for 1 hour. About 40 minutes into it, I decided to stick a toothpick in it since it looked a little brown. It came out clean and so did the bread. Being ever the genius, I thought you were supposed to get the bread out as quickly as possible and dump it on a cookie rack (hence the steak-looking markings on top). I shook the pan and out came the bread...without the bottom. Oh, well. It still tastes good. Now the real test...will Brian still eat it?

Backstory: A few weeks ago, Brian and his dad came up with an awesome plan for a new dog kennel. They made it out of wood and then put chicken wire on the inside so Lily wouldn't keep chomping on the wooden dowels that make up the bars. Present: I came home today, so excited to see Lily. She always is happy to see people, especially us. But to my shock and dismay, I notice that her kennel door is quite demolished. Not good. She was in timeout for a while so I could vacuum up the wood shavings that she tries to eat. Plan B for the new door: thick plywood. No more looking out the front, but Lily will live. Hopefully this solves the problem. And I can make it cuter in the future by painting it up nice. Purple should look good, don't you think? :)