Friday, December 4, 2009


This is Brian. The Cougar win was awesome!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Turkey Day & Other Things...

Hey, out there! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving last week. Brian and I enjoyed the 4-day weekend. We ate ourselves silly and avoided all stores on Black Friday. If you are one of the crazies that day, good for you! I prefer online shopping. I value my health and well-being enough to not venture out and get killed over Christmas presents.

Brian and I played in the Turkey Bowl with Paul's family & Travis' family. It was awesome! It was a little chilly, but after running around, I got warmed up. I had multiple chances to catch but missed a few. The sun was in my eyes! Next year, I'll be better prepared with my sunglasses.

We went to the Blanks' this year for Thanksgiving. Mom and Dad are great cooks! We had tons of food! Mom made 2 turkeys for 8 people so we got to take home lots of leftovers. Brian has been eating turkey sandwiches all week, and there is still some left! We had to move the stuffing away from Ryan...he kept saying how full he was but then would have another helping! Growing boys, I guess. Brian got his boysenberry pie, and I gobbled up the pumpkin pie from Costco. So good! Dad had a little bit too much fun with the Cool Whip on his. We played some games and even got Mom to participate on Mad Gab. It was funny! We were kicking butt with Ryan on our team, but the older folks eventually got the hang of it. All in all, very fun!

We ventured over to the Reynolds' as well that day. Brian thought he could eat another meal; didn't happen. But we did take some pie home. We brought Lily over to get her used to a lot of people. I think we've got 2 kids now that will play with her. We're getting there! Ethan and Isaac had a lot of fun with her. Lily is just a big sweetie (50 pounds now). I hope our families continue to warm up to her.

Lily got fixed on Friday morning. We went to pick her up from the vet and were so sad to see her limping. She had very wet eyes all day and kept crying. It was killing us! The rest of the week has been much better. She is back to her old self. Only a few more days left till we can take her walking again. She needs it almost as much as us! Gotta get that turkey weight off!

I wasn't going to mention the annual rivalry game, but I will. Utah played terribly last Saturday! We were listening to the radio so we would know what was going on. I think they made it into the end zone once the whole game! So maddening! BYU won 23-20 this year. I will say that I don't think either team played up to where they could have, though. Notre Dame also concluded their annoying season with a loss. They were 6-6 and have fired old Chuck. See ya! We hope good things are happening for the future with all our teams. At least the Colts keep winning! No matter what, though, football is a lot of fun to watch.

Have a great week, everyone!