Thursday, October 8, 2009

Slow mo...

Currently, my computer program at work is in turtle mode, so this pic sums up my feelings at the moment. Plus, I really love posting pics of Lily; isn't she sweet? Get ready for some updates as well.

Brian and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary 3 weeks ago. Hooray for us! Since Brian had a math test, we celebrated early with a trip to Tucano's on Saturday. We filled our mouths and tummies, and still managed to eat dessert a few hours later. (Try the Snicker's cheesecake - heavenly!) We didn't do gifts this year; Lily counted for that.

My new job is awesome. I just feel badly that my co-workers have to babysit because it is very involved and complicated to learn all this stuff. But I am getting good reviews from everyone so that is a good sign. Plus my schedule allows me to have Fridays off which is always a bonus!

Lily is growing and growing! Brian wants her to continue and be a huge monster. She gained another 10 pounds this last month; up to 33 pounds now. She got her rabies shot and her first grooming done. I let the professionals clip her nails; I'm a woos! They put a little Halloween bandana on her after her bath and stuff; so cute! It remains to be seen how she'll do with a costume or if we get one. She's going to play with Dexter again and will meet Zoey on Saturday. That should be interesting…what a fun life for a dog!

Brian's doing well in his math class. Since it's word problems mostly, it is right up his alley. I hated word problems! I'm glad he has other resources if he gets stuck.

So…there's our life this past month. Hope all is well out there. Have a nice weekend, everyone!