Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Baby Prep 101

I can't believe it's already been 9 months...wow! And I have to say that this pregnancy has totally spoiled me. No nausea or any other yucky stuff to hinder me. I was totally exhausted for much of my 1st trimester, but I think getting up at 3am every day contributed a little bit. :)
The early days
It's amazing how fast time flies. I survived Girl's Camp while being 2 months pregnant. I took my certification test & went to Disneyland during my second trimester. And now the holidays distracted me from the third trimester. I think we planned this all pretty well.

Brian has been a fabulous husband by making sure I'm feeling well & getting plenty of rest! I know naps will soon be a hidden luxury.

Now is the "hard to sleep" section. I find myself rolling over & around A LOT at night. But I still can get my naps in the afternoon. There's something to be said about a comfortable couch. It definitely helps my back out.
The now days

I've had some fabulous baby showers. Thank you to all our friends & family who helped us out with our new baby collection. It's amazing how much stuff a baby really needs!

Our new dresser
Lily scoping out Mickey Mouse
I went to a baby class last week & got some good info. We have the room cleaned out & things set up. The car seat is installed. I even packed our hospital bag last night.We are good to go! Our little family is definitely ready for this new addition to get here. We can't wait to see him. I wonder if he'll have my dimples & Brian's beautiful eyes & eyelashes. Wouldn't that be fabulous? He'll be a cutie no matter what. I'm already biased on that one. Here's to our next great adventure: parenthood!
World's Most Excited Daddy