Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Baseball Game...

Brian and I went to Flat Iron Park yesterday after work to watch Ryan play baseball. His team is the Rockies. They have won about half of their games, and the season is coming to an end. So I thought we should go see him play this year. Unfortunately, the other team walked him twice. But we did get to see him make an awesome catch for an out. That was sweet! He's really good at baseball and enjoys it. We like to watch him play and have fun. Hopefully, it will be warmer out there next time. We were cuddled up in our hoodies. It's May!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day and a Jazz Win...

On Friday, I joined the throng of people going shopping for their mothers. I went and bought my mom a gift card to Fashion Bug. I got Brian's mom the movie "The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer." I even made them both Mother's Day cards. Who knew I would like being crafty?

Saturday was a very nice day. My mother-in-law took all the girls out to lunch at Chili's in American Fork. Since most of them live down in Utah County, it was easier to meet there. I enjoyed myself and love visiting with my sisters-in-law. They are awesome moms; I hope they can teach me a few things when I become a mom.

On Sunday, the Primary kids sang in sacrament meeting. We had about 10 who came that day. I was probably one of the few who heard them, but they tried hard! I love to be in the Primary. The kids are really great. It's a lot of fun for me to hear our little choir.

My sister and I decided to cook dinner for our mom that evening. I made 18 chicken enchiladas, and Diane brought the chips and dip. I had Dad make the salad. I think it turned out very well. Enchiladas are Brian's favorite! We had a nice time visiting with my family. Then we headed over to the Reynolds'. All the kids and grandkids were there; it's always fun to have a full house!

No, I didn't forget about mentioning the Jazz game. I thought they were going to cruise nicely to a needed win. But no, they like to make things difficult for themselves. Boozer had another off night. So far, he's only had 1 good game. The Jazz held the lead for 3 quarters, but they fell apart in the 4th quarter. (This is their weakness.) They gave up their lead, yet again, and the Lakers forced it into overtime. Brian and I hate these kind of games! They kill us! But we have Deron Williams to rescue the Jazz. The national critics can say what they want about him and Chris Paul, but I'd take Williams over Paul any day. He is the heart of the Utah Jazz. He helped them beat the Lakers in overtime 123-115. So...on to Game 5 in L.A. on Wednesday. Go Jazz!