Monday, October 15, 2012

The Finding Time Dilemma

I always have time for Disneyland!
As a full-time working mother, I am learning that time is very fleeting. Dillon is already 8-months-old. How did that happen so fast? He's moving & grooving & loves to learn about the world (his concentration face is my favorite). Lily likes to keep up with me & Dillon & go to the park for our daily walks. Outside is her favorite place. Brian continues to work hard & find time to study & go to school. I'm grateful he's working on his master's. It should be a major asset to his future career endeavors. I'm still getting up at o'dark thirty & somehow managing the household duties while chasing the kids around.

I'm finding the dilemma comes when I don't have time for my side projects. Exercising, reading, crafting & indexing have fallen by the wayside. What's the best way to fit all of this in? Any suggestions?

Nap time always overrules any projects on my list. Sleep is what keeps me going. Without it, Mrs. Cranky shows up & that's not good for anyone. I even coax Dillon to sleep longer on the days when my brain needs a bit more rest. And yes, this is entirely selfish of me, but I love cuddle-time in our recliner. Best part of my day.

At least it looks like my priorities are still in order. That's a relief! Now to just sneak in a few extras without burning out entirely.