Sunday, January 4, 2009


Don't worry. I didn't forget to post anything about the Utes winning huge on Friday night. I am still a little stunned and way excited!

Utah finally got a chance to play the big boys from an SEC team. No one thought they could do it from the moment they were chosen to represent in the Sugar Bowl. The sports "experts" were claiming all week that Utah would get creamed. Yet, here we are with the biggest win in Utah football history. How awesome! I love when the "little guys" win big!

The Utes started out the first quarter with 21 consecutive points. The defense swarmed all over Alabama's running game and made their quarterback try to throw. Poor guy; Utah ended up sacking him 8 times. Hee hee...

Brent Casteel stretches the ball over the goal line for the first Utah touchdown.

Great catch!

By halftime, Alabama had scored a touchdown and field goal. The halftime score was 21-10. The Tide looked very confused at how they could be losing to a little team from Utah. But when you have the will and heart, anything can happen.

Both teams scored a touchdown in the 3rd quarter. But the Utah defense played their best and Alabama's big guns weren't a factor. They had no answer for the Utes' swarming D.

At the end of the fourth quarter, Louie Sakoda got to wrap up the game with a field goal. (Very fitting for Utah's highest scoring player EVER.) The kick was good, and Utah won 31-17. Awesome...

King Louie

The Utes ended their season with the best record in the nation, 13-0. Utah is the only unbeaten team in the country. They should get a claim of the national championship, but the system is not built that way. It's too bad the Utes can't at least have a shot at it. It would be awesome to have a college football playoff. But until then, we'll take this huge win.