Tuesday, September 9, 2008


The best season of the year is finally here! Football time! Some people love summertime. But summer sports are nothing compared to football. Brian and I can't get enough. We cheer and watch as much as we can. Now that we don't have cable it's a little tricky, but we do our best. Our favorite teams won this weekend. Notre Dame and Utah both pulled out wins; Kansas and BYU also won. We were able to go to the Utes' game on Saturday. That was a blast! They killed UNLV and redeemed themselves from last year's fiasco. I even got a new shirt and earrings out of the deal. Diane and Ryan went with us, and we all stayed after the game to watch the 10th anniversary fireworks. On Sunday, the Colts lost to Brian's Bears. But it's more important for his teams to win so he's in a great mood the rest of the day/night!

This week's games:

Friday: Kansas at South Florida (6:00pm)

Saturday: UCLA at BYU (1:30pm)
Michigan at Notre Dame (1:30pm)
Utah at Utah State (6:00pm)
Ohio State at USC (6:00pm) (We hate the Buckeyes!)

Sunday: Colts at Vikings (11:00am)
Bears at Panthers (11:00am)
Steelers at Browns (6:15pm)