Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone! Since we celebrated ahead of time, I'm finally posting pictures of our awesome Disneyland trip. If you ever have a chance to go to Disneyland in October, we highly recommend it! And you might be lucky & have record HEAT like we did (100 degrees). Mickey's Halloween Party was really fun. Best fireworks show EVER! We'll definitely take our kiddies there when they can dress up & trick-or-treat. So fun!

Donald Duck pumpkin head at the entrance

City Hall decked out in autumn colors

Halloween Time...yeah, baby!

I made it through the Wilderness Explorer's Challenge Trail. This was a really cool area.

I loved the Little Mermaid ride; so awesome!

Paradise Pier at night

Brian & preggy Tam

Can you tell this was the 100 degree day?

Newport Beach pose

Cooling off in the ocean; glasses were missing shortly afterward (ocean ate them)

Sunset at Newport

Big Thunder Ranch (they had the most decorations all over)

Showdown w/Mr. Toad

Round & round...

...on King Arthur's Carousel

Captain Brian

At Mickey's house

Disneyland train station

L.L. Cool Tam (nice hat!)

Love the Pier; check out the delicious soup bowls sometime

Mickey's Halloween Party

Halloween Tree at Frontierland

Mr. Incredible saves local family from Splash Mountain typhoon