Monday, August 30, 2010

July/August Update

Hello, everyone! We have been busy this summer with EVERYTHING, and so the blog is behind. I will take this time now to show you all some pictures. Hopefully, my wish will come true to get a digital camera before our vacation in December...can't wait! I hope Santa comes through. Enjoy!

Don't we look happy/relieved? His diploma showed up a few weeks ago after some more hassles with Weber State. But he's now officially DONE! (Happy dances, everyone.) Thank you to all our family & friends who supported Brian through school. It was a LONG journey but will be worth the effort.

Paul, Marja, Violet, Elise, Mom & Dad, Brian

Now for Girl's Camp: I had so much fun with these young ladies. I only knew them for 3 days but loved them instantly. They are so cool! I'm glad I got to enjoy the great outdoors with this group. Brian called one night and asked how things were going. I told him I was having a blast. He said, "Oh, man! You're not going to want to come back!"

Morgan & Kaylee (sweethearts)

Urim (she thinks I'm hilarious...or just easily amused; has the best laugh)

Kelsey, Olivia, Bayley (the Beehives; they are really funny & full of energy; addicted to cheese puffs)

Diamond & Edna (Diamond came to hang out with her grandma, Edna, who was our fearless camp director; she busted her wrist & stuck it out with us)

Elaine (YW President; loves the girls & having fun; her sunglasses were dubbed her "makeup" for the week)

KayLee & Julie (knowledgeable & happy; made a million bracelets really quickly)

Emma (killer soprano; she and her dad were our music coordinators; they have a cool song called "Munchkin Halloween")

Kelly (YW advisor; she drew everyone a prom dress - they turned out awesome!)

KayLee & Nicole (they are easily amused also; Nicole & I bonded over "The Office")

I thoroughly enjoyed this experience. My favorite things were the sunrise hike & testimony meeting. There was such a great spirit out there in God's beautiful mountains. After camp was over, the girls voted that I could come back again. I also got a thank you card that they all signed for me. So nice!

My friend, Kim, and I decided it was time to take a trip up to Jan's house. Since she busted her ankle, she's been under house arrest & not able to get out. Now that she was doing so much better & out of a wheelchair, we took her out to Maddox. I tried the bison chicked fried steak w/mashed potatoes. So delish! The whole meal was fabulous. We visited one of the many produce stands afterward to stock up on yummy fruits/vegetables. Jan has a really cute condo in Willard, just east of the bay. Her dog, Willow, is a cute little poodle/cocker spaniel mix who loved me. It was great seeing Jan again & visiting with her.

Jan & Tammy