Monday, August 17, 2009

Our 2009 Disneyland adventure...

I want to preface this post by saying there are no pictures of Brian and me. We had the camera phones ready and even brought a regular camera. But did we use them? No. We'll have to do better next time. I also think that if there were kids involved, we would have made sure to take some pics. Who wants to see pictures of us? BORING! Just enjoy this Buzz Lightyear shot. You can see we take the game VERY seriously!

We stopped over in St. George on the way down to Cali. I got to go-cart for the first time! It was fun! I probably looked like a loser cause I was just out for a nice ride. Everyone else was bashing into people or running into the side barriers. I saw Brian a few times mixed up in some collision. I was just crusing along.

L.A. had beautiful weather this year. The middle of June is the way to go. It was 75 degrees all week. How nice! We strolled and shopped and loved every minute! We went on Nemo at 11:45pm; only way to go. That line is forever slow, even when no one was there late! We caught the new Toy Story ride which was pretty awesome. It was a 3D midway game where you shoot different targets. It was cool! Favorite quote from the Monster's Inc. ride: At the end of the ride, Roz (secretary monster) says different things to people that are coming out of the cars. When we got there, she says to me, "Is that your husband? Ha ha ha!" Poor Brian.

We splurged A LOT on this trip. We felt we were overdue for a vacation and had been saving up extra dough to spend. We ventured over to the ESPNzone and Rainforest Cafe. Both were ok. Not really worth the money, but at least we can say we have gone. We also got a lot of fun souvenirs. I got cute clothes, and Brian ate food. We got our favorite pineapple whips outside the Tiki Room. So yummy!

We went to Santa Barbara one day. We love it! It is beautiful. We mostly window shop and stop for lunch somewhere. It is so laid back. Next time, we'll have to hit the gardens and/or tide pools. We'll also have to time our trip better. We were stuck in traffic FOREVER!

This year, we ventured out into the ocean at Newport Beach. I never thought I'd want to go swimming in public, but since the weight loss, I'm good with it. I got my shorts and tank and dove in. Well, really the waves knocked me over a few times. I was eating sand a lot. Eventually, I learned my lesson and swam out farther where Brian was enjoying just floating on the waves. So nice!

Such a nice trip, far too short for our liking. We are already planning for next year and looking forward to more adventures. Au revoir, Disneyland. Until next year...