Thursday, September 4, 2008

Read All About It!!!

Another month goes by without a post. Now you are forced to read a long newscast...enjoy!

The Klinells (my grandparents) had their 50th wedding anniversary party on August 16. My family from Texas came out to celebrate with us. It was good to see everyone. My parents' house was decorated and full of food! My aunt, Karen, even bought a 3-tiered cake. We went all out! There were probably 50+ people who came to visit. Aunt Sis even came up from Oceanside, CA. Aunt Julie was the designated photographer. If I ever get a cd from her, I will be sure to post some photos. We had a couple family pictures taken with all the grandkids and their parents. There are quite a few of us now!

Brian has started classes again at SLCC. He loves it! (I'm teasing.) This semester he's taking sociology and physics. He's just chugging along, hoping to get his bachelor's degree completed by next December. This whole process has been such a pain, but he's determined to get done. I'm proud of him for sticking with it. It's hard to do when you have to rely on stupid college counselors. I love them! (I'm teasing again.)

Sara and I went to see our friend, Jill, one Saturday. She was having a baby shower, so we thought we should attend since we all used to be roommates. It was a lot of fun. Jill is excited to have a little girl in a week or so. Her poor feet are so swollen. Remind me to never be pregnant in the summertime!

That night, we went out with Sara and Jon to Cucina Toscana. It was very yummy and expensive. But it was worth trying once. We were sitting next to some VIPs who ordered salmon. Totally not worth it! There were about 4 bites of fish! I guess it doesn't matter when you know the owner and get it free.

My mom and Diane had their birthdays last week. Mom made a chocolate cake, and Grandma brought over a cheesecake. Of course, some of us wanted both. :) Who can choose between those options?

I'm sad to report that we haven't moved yet. But we definitely will be next March. We're crossing our fingers that the condos we like will have an opening then. By staying a little longer here, we'll be able to pay off the truck and save up for our Disneyland trip in June. Hooray! There is light at the end of the tunnel for us!