Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Word to the wise: NEVER leave your favorite candy unattended & out in the open.

While Brian's Easter candy has been gone for days, I was fortunate to have a little bit to enjoy on Sunday. I had saved my favorite for last: a Reese's Pieces carrot (so scrumptious). I went off to take an afternoon nap with Lily by my side. Brian came home from a meeting & cozied up to the tv. I wandered into the living room as my thieving husband was putting the candy in his pocket. The shame and surprise on his face was priceless. After sharing a laugh, we ate up the Reese's together. I'll remember next time...

Monday, April 12, 2010


Since Lily is feeling better, we decided to take our chances with the weather and the dog park on Saturday. Diane met us over there with her dog, Jack. We don't really know what Jack is, but we liked that he and Lily had some play time. After 2 hours, Lily really comes out of her shell!

Best parts of the excursion:
We made a new friend named Brutus. He was a fat, little Basset hound who somehow waddled & jumped up to our rock bench. He wormed his way under Brian's arm to get some pats. I later noticed black dog hair all over our white shirts!

While we were sitting happily with Brutus, a brindle-colored bulldog somehow got to my lap. I gave her some loves as well. Lily was ousted from the rock bench since these two dogs maneuvered themselves up there. How those little, stubby legs managed that, I'll never know.

We must have been dubbed the favorite humans in the park that afternoon!

Bad Streak...

My movie-picking skills are on the fritz. I've been relying on outside opinions & movie trailers to pick our latest rentals. I am now 1 for 4, only 25%. I have come to the conclusion that trailer makers must have a special skill to entice people to see crappy movies. Most of the time, all the good scenes, funny or beautiful, are in the trailer. Bah! Good thing we own a lot of favorites to fall back on. Pixar is a constant buffer.