Friday, May 30, 2008


Ever feel like this? Yeah, me too. Don't get me wrong; life is good here at the Reynolds' household. We are sailing along very nicely. But I'm getting the hint that we need to move! Our tub is getting fixed again so it doesn't leak down to our neighbors. Oh, the joys of apartment life! It is never dull, that's for sure. Fire trucks, cop cars, beer cans left in our truck bed (the neighbors new dumpster, I guess), all these things are so fun. I think we are being given ample opportunities to learn patience. We are becoming pros in that department. I looked at the real estate websites again today, but nothing looks very good right now. We'll just keep saving and biding our time for the right house.

Ryan's baseball team won their game on Wednesday. It was the perfect weather, too. Now they are headed to the finals ( I think). They were one of the bottom teams who battled their way to the top. Very nice! It's fun to watch the kids play. Next year, Ryan will be on a team his own size. Maybe he'll get to use a real bat, too! He did have a few hits, including a 3-run homer. That was sweet! The Rockies won 10-9 in 7 innings. It was very exciting! Monday or Wednesday will be the last game. Go Chubby Hugs!