Friday, May 9, 2008

Boom, Baby!

If anyone can guess what movie that is from, you are today's winner! (Your hint is: Disney movie.)

I'm using this title to set up my embarrassing story. From the sound of it, you can probably guess something blew up or someone fell down. The latter is true. I came home yesterday and went to the mailbox. I retrieved our mail and was carrying a few other things inside with me. I was wearing my black pants with the wide cuffs (one of them needs to be sewn as it drags on the ground all the time). As I was walking toward the stairwell, my foot gets caught in my cuff. I went flying face-first towards the ground. I didn't catch myself very well. All the contents of mail, purse, etc. came crashing around me. I tried to get up with my dignity intact, and I was lucky that it appeared no one had seen me in all my gracelessness. Scrambling, I collected all my stuff and headed home. I got inside and assessed the damage. I had 2 knuckles bleeding on my left hand. My wedding ring has a bent prong, which I'm fixing today. I scraped my left wrist and bruised my right palm. I had road burn on my chest and face. Luckily, that doesn't show anymore. My left knee is nicely bruised and swollen. What a state of affairs! How I manage to survive everyday is beyond me. So sad...

Since I haven't posted anything lately, I thought this would be a good story to share. And please, don't feel too badly for me. I am doing fine now and hope that my jeans and tennis shoes work a little better for me today.