Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hitting the Books...AGAIN!!!

Oh, how I wish this really worked!

Yes, I'm studying again. But this time is the LAST TIME! I'm posting this promise here so I don't forget & decide to do this crazy stuff in the future. My big registrar exam is in September. The bottom line is getting a good enough score to pass. I figure I can get a 70% at least. And if I study really well & memorize some things, I should do better than that. So...wish me luck. And if you don't see me blogging, it's probably cause I'm buried under a book somewhere. Cheers!

Side story: Lily is an opportunistic little dog. I was putting on my makeup the other day in our bathroom while she was out in the living room unsupervised. I didn't think anything of it. When I came back out, Lily was slinking around the table as if she did something naughty. I noticed she'd dragged her blanket out to chew on it (a no-no) so I got after her for that. As I went to the kitchen to clean up, I went to reach for the plastic wrap to put our leftover waffles away. They suddenly turned invisible. Oh, Lily! I think she enjoyed them. At least that is what her big belch would have me believe. =)