Friday, March 19, 2010

7 Random Things Tag...Finally Finished!!!

1. Me & a helmet
Sara and I had so much fun when we were roommates. This one got the most laughs. One night, we were up late (usual) & probably loopy. I grabbed Sara's bike helmet and put it on. I walked out of the room, down the hallway. All of a sudden, zoom! I ran by our bedroom door with my head angled back as if I were speeding down the freeway. Sara almost died laughing.

2. Trash bags
I loved girl's camp. When it was my 5th year, I was a "leader" to the new beehives. I was supposed to show them the ropes. It was really wet & rainy that week. Much to my dismay, I hadn't packed a poncho for our hike. Well, my dad always taught me to have a garbage bag around just in case. I did have that. I got creative and converted that into my rain poncho. Just stuck my arms and head out of the bottom seam. Not fashionable, but I stayed dry. Laughter ensued.

3. NSYNC featuring Tam
My college ward was having a talent show. I had found my "Darren's Dance Grooves" video in some of my stuff & thought, "Why not get a group together & learn one of these dances?" I coerced my friends & neighbors to join in. I think about 10 of us learned the entire dance to NSYNC's "Bye Bye Bye". We even had coordinated our formation on stage. Pretty cool, right? I thought we looked like pros. Lots of fun & cheers from the audience.

4. Brian & baseball (ouch!)
One of our favorite pastimes used to be playing baseball @ Brian's park. It was just the two of us. We'd grab a ball & glove for me. Brian would get the bat. (I know; this can only end in tears.) I would pitch from home base so when Brian whacked the ball, I wouldn't have to run around the whole field. Good idea? Not really. Way too many bruises. Not too good at the duck & move action. You think I'd learn.

5. Gymnast hopes
When I was younger, I loved to watch gymnastics on tv. I thought they were awesome. Flipping & twisting in the air; so cool! But I kept growing too tall. Plus, I am very uncoordinated. Just ask Brian. I can barely walk & hate to Rollerblade. I CAN'T STOP! HOW DO YOU STOP THESE THINGS? Freaks me out, big time.

6. The Little Mermaid
Love it. Most people I know don't like Ariel. But I loved her when that movie came out. Diane & I had matching t-shirts with Ariel on the front. We probably watched that movie everyday when we bought it. When we went swimming, we liked to pretend to be "merpeople." For some reason, Daniel was always the shark. Go figure!

7. Food sorter
Mostly candies like M&Ms, Dots. I have to sort them by color & count. I eat them evenly so the food doesn't feel badly. That's not weird, right?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Good Day...

Wow! Another birthday come & gone. Can't believe I'm just shy of the big 3-0. Well, I figure as long as I don't act or feel old, that's what counts. Life is good.

I got to work with my desk all decorated with streamers & confetti. A birthday card, cake, and present awaited me. (I have such awesome co-workers!) Even a few e-cards & phone calls let me know that I am loved. My family joined Brian and me at Red Robin for some tasty burgers & fries. I got a key lime pie shake to top it off. I'm still full this morning! Thanks everybody for the love and birthday wishes. It's nice to know there are people out there thinking about me. Happy St. Paddy's!